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How to choose a collision repair shop

Most people have never been involved in an accident in their lifetime to know exactly what they should do at that particular time.

The insurance company is willing to give advice, but that advice is usually based on the insurer’s best interests and agendas that are not usually in the best interest of the vehicle owner. The insurance company will seek the following:

Fast Repairs

Although a fast repair is desirable, high quality collision repair is not a process that should be rushed, you and your families safety back on the road depends on the quality of repair. The insurance company wants a very quick turn around time in order to save money on rental car costs and loss of use.  Additionally, a “fast” repair will leave numerous procedures and details unfulfilled. All of this is to simply accomplish one goal at the time of paying out a loss, minimizing repair cost. 

When shopping for a collision repair, speed of repairs should not be a selling point, but a warning!

Cheap Repairs

All insurers are seeking a cheap repair, as every dollar spent on repairs is one less dollar of profit.  There is a saying that “good repairs are not cheap, and cheap repairs are not good.”  This is particularly true in the highly skilled and complex world of collision repairs. Cutting corners on collision repairs will result in flaws, defects, costly re-repairs, diminished value, and potential safety hazards. 

Most collision repair shops are seeking their own course of action to achieve the most profits and from the least hassles. Many times that means not representing the customer and fighting the insurance company for a full repair, or not informing the vehicle owner when an insurer is unwilling to address all items and procedures caused by the loss. 

Using a shop that the insurance company recommends or refers you too, is exactly what they want you to do. It’s simply a way of them steering you in the direction that benefits them the mostly. Many insurers will use unethical tactics to lie and defame the good quality, honest and ethical shops that offer a quality (more expensive) repair.  Choosing a competent collision repair center will save time, money, aggravation and potentially lives. Call Chapa Auto Craft, we would love the opportunity to assist you with your collision repair. We got your back!!! 

Tips For Selecting A Collision Repair Shop

  1. Use a shop that will inform and empower you with knowledge of your rights to a full and proper repair.
  2. Select a shop that is recommended by someone other than the insurance company such as friends and family 
kyle automotive repair winter repair

Automotive Maintenance Keeping you moving



Chapa Auto Craft continues our commitment to our kyle Texas and surrounding communities automotive safety, by ensuring your automobile is safe and ready for the road. 2020 has been a unique year with unique challenges, as our city gets back on the road let our automotive technicians make sure you and your car are ready to roll.

Many families are getting together and forgoing traditional holiday travel, so they are relying on their family vehicles for holiday travel. Some of these vehicles haven’t been on a road trip so we suggest stopping by Chapa Auto Craft for your routine maintenance.

Here is what we suggest:

Winter is here; It’s a great time to look at all the components that are designed to wear out on your vehicle. These include simple items like your windshield wipers, the most important safety features brakes, and tires. Let our automotive repair technicians check your vehicle’s most important points and give it a full safety inspection.

Oil Changes: You vehicles routine maintenance might have fallen to the wayside during this crazy year, but you can prevent unexpected and expensive unnecessary repairs by allowing our automotive repair specialist perform the routine maintenance including fluid inspections, tire rotation, and oil changes to make sure you’ll be able to count on your vehicle’s reliability and performance.

Batteries: There is nothing worse than being stranded in the cold by an old battery, come into our automotive repair shop and let us test your battery, we offer a full line of Interstate batteries that will keep your car cranking no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Stop by your kyle automotive repair specialist Chapa Auto Craft for all your winter travel needs! We’re here to help.

Automotive repair kyle




ADAS calibration and Repair

It’s no secret that today’s vehicles are more technically advanced than ever before, in the last 5 years automotive manufactures have delivered a ton of vehicle safety technology to everyday vehicles. These new safety technologies help everyday drivers in all kinds of situations, such as preventing collisions as distracted drivers may be closing in on another vehicle too quickly, switching lanes into an unseen car in your blind spot,  backing out in a busy parking lot, and even helping you on those near impossible parallel parking spots that you sometimes need to get into.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a combination of highly sophisticated sensors and cameras that use AI software technologies to detect nearby obstacles and correct driver error. While These ADAS systems won’t require preventative maintenance, anytime a car is involved in a minor collision our automotive technicians will make sure the ADAS system is calibrated or repaired if needed to ensure the optimal functionality required for the safety and wellbeing of surrounding vehicles and their passengers.

Understanding these new technologies requires automotive collision repair technicians and collision shops to stay on the cutting edge of ADAS repair and maintenance training and certifications. Chapa Auto Craft is committed to the latest innovations in collision repair and has always provided our customers with the commitment to ensure your families vehicles are safe and reliable through training and automotive repair facilities 

Automotive Repair Service in Kyle.

As more and more drivers get back on the road to return to work, its time to start thinking about your car’s maintenance.

Has your car been sitting up for a few months? We all know to stay safe we have all been practicing social distancing, and working from home when we can. Your vehicle might have been sitting up for a while, so before you return to the road, here are some things to think about before getting back on the road.

Drivers are out of practice. Make sure you drive extra defensively as many drivers haven’t driven for a few months, so their awareness and reflexes might have compromised. Accidents happen every day, and if you are unlucky to be involved in an auto accident, Chapa Auto Craft is the premier auto body shop serving our Kyle, Tx, and Buda, Tx communities. While we’re always standing at the ready to help, let’s hope you don’t need us.

To keep yourself safe, think about bringing in your car that’s been sitting up for a while for the following services:

State inspections: That’s right, maybe during this time at home, your registration has lapped, and you’ve got an out of date sticker? Stop by to get all your paperwork squared away, and our state licensed technicians can make sure your car is roadworthy, if we find anything wrong, we’ll help you get it fixed. This ensures you, and all our drivers and their families are safe out there on our Texas roads.

Oil Changes: Car been sitting up a while? Let’s go ahead and get that oil changed. Oil not only has mile limitations, but it also has a shelf life in your car. Keeping your car or trucks engine properly lubricated, and your scheduled maintenance up to date is essential. One thing you can do to prevent future costly repairs is to keep a regularly scheduled maintenance routine for your car.

Tires: We all know Texas weather changes fast, you can wake up in the morning and need a jacket, and be ready for the swimming pool in the afternoon. This crazy weather takes a toll on our rubber tires. As tires age in this Texas weather, they start to breakdown. This can lead to your tire tread separation while driving, leaking air, low tire pressure, and blowouts. Let’s prevent all that by letter our certified technicians check to see if you need new tires.

Batteries: We’ve all been there, ready to head to work, or just got done shopping at Cabellas, and you go to start your car and “click-click-click” That battery doesn’t have the power to get your vehicle started. Another essential part of your car’s routine maintenance is your battery. We can test your battery and carry the industries best Interstate batteries on-site. We’ll make sure you get the right battery for your vehicle and install it while you wait.

Stay safe, drive defensively, and keep your car maintained. We’ve got the staff to keep your car and truck looking great and driving safely. Stop by Chapa Auto Craft your full-service paint and body, collision, and Automotive repair shop servicing Kyle and our surrounding area.

Auto Repair and Maintenance advice.

We want our vehicles to last as long as possible – to pass down to our children as their first car, to save money, or maybe to preserve the memories while you have owned it. However, are you doing enough to promise a long life? If you really want to have your vehicle last as long as possible, you will want to become familiar with the service intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your car. If you look around Kyle, Tx you will see that there are some cars here that are very old, but still seem to be in great shape: that’s because people have stayed on top of their vehicle maintenance. When it comes to preventative maintenance, there are many things you should be doing that you might not actually be doing or paying close attention too. 

Here are things that should never be overlooked:

1. Regular oil changes

Once you know how often your vehicle’s oil should be changed, it is essential to keep on a regular schedule. This may be somewhat tedious, but it is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle. Don’t know when you car’s oil should be changed? Call Chapa Auto Craft and one of our service advisors will be happy to assist. 

2. Fluid checks

While you might think this is only something that is done at an automotive shop by the technicians – it is definitely something you will want to know in case you can’t get to us immediately. A great way to make sure you do this is to check them at a time when you already have the hood up – like when you are checking to see if the oil needs to be changed.

When was the last time you or someone in your family checked your antifreeze, coolant, or power steering fluids? If you can’t remember – it is probably time to check!

You might not think these fluids need to be changed all that often, and you could be right depending on how much you drive, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of checking from time to time. We have a tendency to drive a lot in Kyle, Tx so we need to make sure the fluids aren’t do for service. 

3. Tires

There are not many things more dangerous than driving on a damaged or flattened tire, especially during the winter or rainy seasons. Along with this, you never want to drive on the roads if your tires are worn down beyond safe tread level. Not only are you risking a blowout in the middle of the street, which can lead to an accident and even death, but you will not be able to safely conduct bad road conditions, such as when it is raining or icy. When it comes to preventative maintenance in any car, these are three things you should never overlook or wait on. If you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at  Chapa Auto Craft Collision & Automotive. 

The best Body Shop in Kyle Tx.

When we started our collision shop here in Kyle, we set out with the goal to create the kind of automotive shop where our family would feel confident dropping their vehicles off for repair. Everything from hard-hit collisions, small fender benders, oil changes, to complete engine overhauls. As a family-owned shop, we know trust is paramount. We know you’re coming to our shop because your vehicle has been in an accident, or has some kind of mechanical issue and either way, you need a trustworthy shop to get you back on the road.

Our family owned automotive repair shop has repaired thousands of Kyle families’ vehicles and got them back on the road. If you’ve found yourself needing to find the right automotive repair shop here in Kyle, for both Automotive work and collision work, you’ve found the right place. Chapa Auto Craft has the latest service equipment to take care of all OEM makes and models and certified service techs who are ready to diagnose and repair any problems you may have.

Give us a call, or better yet bring your car or truck in and let our service manager take a look at any problems you have, we’re patient and want to make sure you know exactly what problems you are facing. Sometimes it’s simple, and we can get you out that same day, other times you might have to leave your vehicle with us during the repair process. If you do need to leave the vehicle in our shop, we will make sure to stay in constant contact with you throughout the repair process to make sure you know the status of your car.

Give us a call at 512-504-9577, or come into our repair shop at 218 S Front St, Kyle, TX 78640 and let’s start the process of getting you back on the road.

Check engine light on?

The check engine light is a fascinating indication tool; Most drivers know the check engine light is sitting in your instrument cluster ready to come on at any time. Once that orange beacon flashes drivers know its never a good sign. Many thoughts come to mind as soon as you see it. Does it mean I need to stop the car immediately? Is this going to cost a ton of costly repairs?

Chapa Auto Craft, Automotive repair service has the answers.

Before you start to get to concerned, the check engine light could mean one of any number of things, some of them very important and will need to be addressed quickly, and some as simple as you didn’t tighten your gas cap enough the last time you got fuel, easy right? But how do you know what kind of problem you have.

Let Chapa Auto Craft, tell you what that Check Engine Light Means

So you are driving along and happen to notice that orange check engine light has finally popped up. Fortunately, you don’t need to pull the vehicle over and call a tow truck. The check engine light, is just that, its time to check the car. This is a great time to bring it into a trusted automotive repair shop that can quickly diagnose the problem and let you know exactly what needs to be done.

Today’s cars are complex machines, and like everything these days your vehicle is all controlled by a computer. This computer is always adjusting your car’s performance. When its cold outside and your car is started your engine needs to adjust to the air and engine temperature, and when the car finally warms up the vehicle needs to continuously adjust. Your car does this by constantly receiving date from the automotive sensors. The idea is that today’s cars can fine-tune the input the engine computer receives by getting multiple readings on how the car is performing. Most check engine lights are turned on because one of these sensors is receiving bad data, or more than likely the sensor has failed and needs to be replaced. A trust automotive repair shop can make all the difference in the world!

The good news that today’s vehicles not only turn on an indicator light, but they also store diagnostic information that automotive service techs can tap into getting information directly from your vehicles onboard computer that explains the problem.

Our automotive service techs are trained to find out the problem quickly, and we can easily identify the problem. Some are quick to resolve, and some issues might need a small repair to get things running smoothly again. The worst thing you can do is ignore that check engine light, car problems don’t resolve themselves.

Have a check engine light on? Come into Chapa Auto Craft and let our team of certified technicians let you know what’s wrong with your car, and if an automotive repair needs to be made we can do it all on site.

Getting an insurance payment?

Minor Auto Collision? Here are some things to think about:

Have you been a wreck? Did it not feel like a hard hit? Does it look like minor damage you might be able to live with? Sometimes folks think a minor wreck is a windfall and this misfortune might allow them to put a little extra cash in their pocket. Before you start creating that shopping list, let’s hear from the expert auto repair techs at Chapa Auto Craft.

1. What are some things an owner might consider before not repairing your vehicle, and keeping the insurance collision money?

Do you own the vehicle? Because if the vehicle is yours outright, then you can make that call, but before you keep the money lets talk about some reasons you might want to bring your car into the body shop to get even the smallest auto damage checked out.

2. Bringing your vehicle into the collision shop, and let our auto repair techs check it out before you make a decision.

If at a quick glance there doesn’t appear to be any significant damage, sometimes even small structural damage to your automobile can be challenging to identify, even a collision repair expert can’t always predict difficulties that may arise in the future if you don’t repair the damange. If damages do pop up after you decide not to get your vehicle repaired, your insurance company can and most likely will deny paying future coverage related to the same parts of the car. This small windfall might not be a windfall at all. The safety of and future coverage of your automobile is a very important decision to consider.

3. Repairing the damage protects you if you’re ever in another accident, and some of the same parts are damaged. You are protected because your car is back in OEM factory specifications, and the safety and integrity of your car meets those same specifications. You are also protected because you’ve documented the repair at a quality collision shop and the insurance will pay for the repairs to bring your vehicle back to preaccident condition.

If you don’t get the car repaired, your insurance company is well within its rights to deny the coverage and repairs because you previously opted not to repair the damage.

4. Another thing to consider if your car is totaled, you won’t be able to keep both the money and the car. The insurance company will take possession of the car as a condition of paying off the claim.

If you are ever faced with the decision to get your car repaired, its best to bring your vehicle into a quality trustworthy collision shop like ours. At Chapa Auto Craft we will provide you an estimate of the damage, talk to you about the safety of your car and provide you with reliable information you can make an informed decision.

Make an appointment with our auto collision shop specialist today.

Auto Body Collision work estimate in kyle Tx

You have the right by law to chose your auto body repair shop

Maybe today or maybe in the future, you have had the misfortune of finding yourself in an auto accident. We understand how this can affect everything in your normal everyday life.

You have done everything you needed, proudly maintained your vehicle, taken care of the interior, and of course, you have been paying for car insurance coverage. Now that you have had the accident, and you’re safely back home, its time to start thinking about putting your life back together and that usually begins with a call to your automotive insurance provider.

Unfortunately, for you, this is where your insurance companies take advantage of your trust. In the auto repair and insurance industry, this is when they start talking to you about your repair process. Some insurance companies engage in something known as “Steering.”

Steering is intended to send policyholders to an automotive collision repair shop in your insurance’s preferred or “Direct Repair Program.”

Insurance companies try to drive policyholders to repair shops that agree to work in their DRP networks. Why? Because In exchange for a large number of insurance referrals, collision shops will decide to use aftermarket, imitation, or junkyard parts, which are often unsafe and poor quality in comparison to genuine parts. Unfortunately, they don’t do this to make sure their policyholders get the best repair available. They do it to make sure you insurance company spends the least to get your car back on the road.

The DRP sadly will accept work, and agree to very low repair estimates, sometimes using discount labor, parts and materials. This will often lead to shops skipping procedures necessary to return your vehicle to the safe, structurally-sound condition it was in before the accident.

These insurance companies might try to use scare tactics, telling you that they can’t guarantee the repairs if you don’t get the work done at their DRP shops, but Chapa Auto Craft always gives the exact or better lifetime warranty on our repairs.

At Chapa Auto Craft we take your car, and your families safety very seriously. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is restored to exact pre-accident condition, and many times we help fight the insurance to make sure they pay for the repairs to get your car back to the way it was before the accident.

Want to talk to someone at our shop about getting the right estimate for the right work on your vehicle? Contact us today.

Auto Repair Kyle

Chapa Auto Craft shop

We provide Auto Repair to the Kyle area community. You have known Chapa Auto Craft as the premier collision shop in Kyle, well you can now count on the same great service to service your entire car.

Our team of professional auto service technicians will walk you through any major auto repair with the same trustworthy professionalism as our collision techs.

We provide service repair for every make and model car, truck and SUV. We have a team of trained and ASE certified automotive technicities on duty to help with your repair. Bring your car into Chapa Auto Craft and let our staff help you with an auto repair needs you may have.


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