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Auto Body Collision work estimate in kyle Tx

You have the right by law to chose your auto body repair shop

Maybe today or maybe in the future, you have had the misfortune of finding yourself in an auto accident. We understand how this can affect everything in your normal everyday life.

You have done everything you needed, proudly maintained your vehicle, taken care of the interior, and of course, you have been paying for car insurance coverage. Now that you have had the accident, and you’re safely back home, its time to start thinking about putting your life back together and that usually begins with a call to your automotive insurance provider.

Unfortunately, for you, this is where your insurance companies take advantage of your trust. In the auto repair and insurance industry, this is when they start talking to you about your repair process. Some insurance companies engage in something known as “Steering.”

Steering is intended to send policyholders to an automotive collision repair shop in your insurance’s preferred or “Direct Repair Program.”

Insurance companies try to drive policyholders to repair shops that agree to work in their DRP networks. Why? Because In exchange for a large number of insurance referrals, collision shops will decide to use aftermarket, imitation, or junkyard parts, which are often unsafe and poor quality in comparison to genuine parts. Unfortunately, they don’t do this to make sure their policyholders get the best repair available. They do it to make sure you insurance company spends the least to get your car back on the road.

The DRP sadly will accept work, and agree to very low repair estimates, sometimes using discount labor, parts and materials. This will often lead to shops skipping procedures necessary to return your vehicle to the safe, structurally-sound condition it was in before the accident.

These insurance companies might try to use scare tactics, telling you that they can’t guarantee the repairs if you don’t get the work done at their DRP shops, but Chapa Auto Craft always gives the exact or better lifetime warranty on our repairs.

At Chapa Auto Craft we take your car, and your families safety very seriously. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is restored to exact pre-accident condition, and many times we help fight the insurance to make sure they pay for the repairs to get your car back to the way it was before the accident.

Want to talk to someone at our shop about getting the right estimate for the right work on your vehicle? Contact us today.

Auto Repair Kyle

Chapa Auto Craft shop

We provide Auto Repair to the Kyle area community. You have known Chapa Auto Craft as the premier collision shop in Kyle, well you can now count on the same great service to service your entire car.

Our team of professional auto service technicians will walk you through any major auto repair with the same trustworthy professionalism as our collision techs.

We provide service repair for every make and model car, truck and SUV. We have a team of trained and ASE certified automotive technicities on duty to help with your repair. Bring your car into Chapa Auto Craft and let our staff help you with an auto repair needs you may have.

Auto Repair Kyle

Introducing Chapa Auto Craft.

Chapa Auto Craft has spent the last few months updating our new website and we want to let you know about the new and improved Chapa Auto Craft and our new auto services we are now offering the Kyle Tx community.

Auto Services in Kyle

Not only do we do amazing auto collision work, we now offer ASE certified full-service automotive services. Everything from simple Oil Changes, to full ASE services including engine repair, transmission repair, and everything in between. Our staff can now keep your car, truck or SUV running great, and looking great as well.

Heres a list of some of our most common services and repairs.

Collision Repair
Body & Paint
Paint Correction
General Auto Repair & Maintenance
Transmission Repair & Replacement
Manufacturer Recommended Services
Brake Repair and Replacement
Air Conditioning A/C Repair
Tire Repair and Replacement
Windshield Replacement
Auto Glass Replacement
Fuel System Repair
Exhaust System Repair
Engine Cooling System Maintenance
Electrical Diagnostics
Starting and Charging Repair
Wheel Alignment
CV Axles
Computer Diagnostic Testing
Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
State Emissions Inspection
Emission Repair Facility
Tune Up
Oil Change
Brake Job / Brake Service
Engine Cooling System Flush & Repair
Steering and Suspension Work


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Auto Repair Kyle

Introducing Chapa Auto Craft.

Auto Repair Kyle